Thursday, May 4, 2023

Newly Invented Yom Tov


          Newly Invented Yom Tov

In the Sefer טעמי המנהגים (p 262)  it says  “The Yahrzeit of 
the Tanna ר' מאיר, is not mentioned anywhere. People recently
made up a new YomTov as if the Yahrzeit is on פסח שני.  

It is  known their whole  intention  was, to make money by inventing another Hillula והמבין יבין.” 

He also quotes a letter from the איש האמת ר' מאטיל סלאנימר זצ"ל
who harshly criticizes them for being עובר בל תוסיף by inventing this new Yom Tov.

The שדי חמד אסיפת דינים מערכת א"י wrote a letter to the Sephardic Chachamim in T’verya, asking for the source of this new celebration, the "Hillula of ר' מאיר".

“On earlier celebrations (Lag Baomer) the Rabonei Ashkenaz (Chasam Sofer- Shoel Umeishiv etc.)  have complaints & are pained and now we come up with a new Hillula”.   

The שדי חמד didn't receive a satisfactory response from the 
Sephardi Chachamim.


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