Thursday, March 16, 2023

Not accepting ruling of the majority



in Israel,  the leftist minority is unwilling to accept the ruling of the majority. Some are even threatening to ח"ו start a civil war.

Many will be surprised that we had a similar situation להבדיל between בית שמאי & בית הלל The בית שמאי were unwilling to accept the ruling of the בית הלל who were the majority.

The ירושלמי שבת פ"א ה"ד says that the Talmidei בית שמאי stood at the bottom entrance and killed the Talmidei בית הלל.

(והיו הורגין בתלמידי ב"ה)

The קרבן העדה writes "Not that they ח"ו actually killed but stood guard

(with swords & spears) and were ready to kill had the ב"ה attempted to enter.

The Karaites claimed that there were killings between ב"ש & ב"ה

ר'סעדי' גאון said it's not true & it is not mentioned in the Talmud.

The Karaites responded that it is mentioned in the ירושלמי.

It is very likely ר'סעדי' גאון held like the קרבן העדה



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