Monday, March 6, 2023

Forbidden to fast on תענית אסתר


The fast day of תענית אסתר* on the 13th of Adar
is not mentioned in בבלי or ירושלמי. It was
instituted by the Gaonim. (The first mention
of תענית אסתר is in the שאילתות דרב אחאי גאון)

Before they abolished the  מגילת תענית
it was forbidden to fast on the 13th of Adar 
because the day before or after the 
Yomim Tovim mentioned in מגילת תענית
(Purim Chanuka etc,) were also included 
as the days forbidden to fast.

The רא"ש quotes the ר' תם  "The only  סמך  (minor 
source) for fasting is from the Gemoro Megilah 2a
that says י"ג זמן קהלה לכל היא The ר' תם explains
they gather to say Selichos because of the fast day".

*not to be confused with the three days fast in Nissan mentioned in the Megillah.



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