Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Which Rebbe is a בעל מופת ?


Rashi  quotes one of the answers in the

Midrash ויקרא רבה

that it was the מלאך (disguised as Moishe) who divided

in half the blood from all the קרבנות.

Another answer in the Midrash, that being Moishe

knew the Halachos of blood he performed a miracle

and was able to divide the blood in half. 

The Satmar Rebbe הרה"ג ר' יואל טייטלבוים זצ"ל said

from this Midrash, we see that only תלמידי חכמים 

can perform מופתים.

According to the מאירי מו"ק ט' ע"א
A person should always cherish a ברכה from a 
תלמיד חכם. He should attempt with all his might
to receive a ברכה from the ת"ח.
Parshas Hashavua משפטים

ויקח משה חצי הדם




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