Friday, February 17, 2023

Calear Midrash


Parshas  שקלים

The מדרש תנחומא writes משה רבינו complained to Hashem,
How is it possible to count the בני ישראל? They are like 
the dust of the earth/sand of the sea.
Hashem told Moshe, all he has to do is add the גמטריא of
the first letter of the שבטים and multiply them by a thousand.

ראובן            200,000
שמעון            300,000             
יהודה              10,000 
יששכר             10,000
יוסף                10,000
נפתלי              50,000
זבולון                 7,000
דן                      4,000       
גד                     3,000
בנימין                 2,000
אשר                   1,000
Total  597,000   = 600,000 minus 3,000 who were killed at the עגל

By knowing this מדרש we will understand the יוצר לפרשת שקלים
"פיוט "אמן בשמעו from the קליר which is based on this מדרש.

By learning the פיוט you will have a better understanding in 
the מדרש because, In the 6th stanza "יקר שלישי בתוכם לא הפקד"
the קליר explains why the third son (לוי) is not included in the
ראשי תיבות count. 







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