Thursday, February 16, 2023

Is It A Minhag

Parshas Mishpatim 

תמים תהי' עם ה' אלוקך

Frum Yidden trust in Hashem & have no fear of witchcraft

The Sefer שלחן העזר quotes the סהמ"ט* (I don't know the Roshei Teivos- Please help)   "Chasanim & Kallos before walking down to the Chupa untie all the knots they are wearing. 

The reason for doing so is to prevent from כשפים (witchcraft) which might put a spell on the couple and prevent them from having relations.

Another option of making this witchcraft ineffective is by placing a piece of gold or a gold coin in the Chosson's pocket.

The above is not a Minhag but a Segula people adopted to prevent witchcraft from harming them.

The יראים & תמימים (who fear & trust Hashem) rely on  תמים תהי' עם ה' אלוקך & שומר מצוה לא ידע דבר רע (Don't bother unknotting)"

*I suspect this Sefer to be the Mokor (origin) of  this Minhag

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