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The Sefer מושב זקנים (Ba'alei Tosfos) writes:

" The last פסוק
in בראשית ends with ויישם בארון the next פסוק it says ואלה שמות. This is a רמז to put the name* of the Niftar on the מצבה. "

R.Y.M.Tukichinsky zt”l  (גשר החיים קפ"ח) writes*:

 "In the year
1928, the Jerusalem Museum exhibited old coffins and
the remains (bones) that were found on Har Hatzofim. 

He together with Rav A.Y. Kook zt”l managed to convince
the Museum to return the bones for קבורה".

(It's interesting - Quiet Shtadlonus without  protests & riots,
can sometimes also be effective)

The Museum insisted to keep the coffins. R.Y.M.T. noted that there were 23 coffins**, from two families. 

Some of the coffins
1) had no name  

2) had a name 

3) had a name & father's***name 

4) had a name & husband's**** name.

 *The vast majority of the old קברים in
Eretz Yisroel had no engraving at all. 
** from זמן בית שני
*** Minhag Ashkenaz - to inscribe father's name
Minhag Sefard - to inscribe mother's name
Today many Ashkenazim add also their mother's name

**** The daughter-in-law of R. Yonasan Eibshitz remarried to
a second husband. On her מצבה, it was inscribed the names of
both her husbands. ( - אשת כ"ה שמעון , ומלפנים היתה אשת הנגיד  )





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