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                   THE GREAT WONDER



The בית יוסף in Shulchan Aruch (O. Ch. 580) lists
additional fast days.


One of the fast days is on the 9th day in טבת. “It is unknown what צרה happened on that day”.


The ט"ז writes" תימה גדולה  (It's a great wonder)
that the בית יוסף doesn't know what happened that
day. In our Selichos (אזכרה מצוק) it is written that
עזרא הסופר died on the 9th of the month".


Perhaps, it is not so puzzeling why the ב"י wasn't
aware of the פיוט claiming עזרא died on the 9th of טבת 

This פיוט is said, only by אשכנזים. The ספרדים say  
the "פיוט “שעה עליון  and the "פיוט “יושב בשמים

In both of these פיוטים, it says that עזרא died on
the 10th of טבת. (not the 9th)


The בית יוסף, being  Sefardi, must have held
that עזרא died on the 10th and therefore there
shouldn't be a wonder why he didn’t know what
happened on the 9th of טבת.




The תוספות חדשים on מגילת תענית writes that

Yeisho Hanotzri ym”s was born on the 9th of טבת.

Chazal were scared of the Nochrim, to publicize
that we fast on his birthday.




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