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Parshas Hashavua   וישב


The תורת חיים (Bava Kama 55a) writes, “ברכת כהנים
is a form of נבואה (prophecy).

The כהנים are repeating words Hashem tells them to
say, while the שכינה is hovering over them.

The ברכת כהנים has 60 אותיות.(Alphabets)

The Gemoro says that dreams are a 1/60 of נבואה.
Someone with a bad dream (1/60 נבואה) can nullify
 it with the 60 אותיות of the נבואה of ברכת כהנים.



In the '40s while the Nazis were murdering 
Yidden in Europe, Rav. Y.I.Herzog zt"l was in
Bnei Brak and met with the Ponovezher Rov zt"l.

The Ponovezher Rov showed Rav Herzog a 
hill and told him he plans to build a Yeshiva
for a few hundred בחורים on top of that hill.

Rav Herzog responded with just one word
"חלומות" (dreams- wishful thinking).

The Ponovezher Rov answered back
" חלומען מעג מען - שלאפן טאר מען ניט 

" One may dream but one may not sleep ."


                   DON'T TELL YOUR WIFE

The (ספר חסידים (תמ"ז  writes, "if one dreamt a good
dream (בשורה טובה) not to tell it to his wife. She might
tell others and then the dream won't come true".



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