Thursday, November 3, 2022

Story Told By Rav Shach Zatzal -Parshas Lech Lecha

מרן הרב הגאון

ר' אלעזר מנחם מן שך זצ"ל
told the following story:

Reb Shach 

The  ר' יעקב בן *יעקב משה לורברבוים מליסא נתיבות who was in a bad marriage and suffered terribly from his  wife, tried divorcing her but she refused to  accept a גט.

ר' עקיבא איגר זצ"ל got involved and tried
to  convince her to accept a גט. She responded,
 “ My husband is such a  great צדיק and holy man. I would  never accept a גט from such a great צדיק.”
Rav Shach commented ” Even though she recognized her husband's greatness and holiness, yet she still made him צרות גדולות עד לשמים .”
Similarly, said Rav Shach “We find in the פסוק
ונברכו בך כל משפחות  All of mankind  will recognize the greatness of אברהם אבינו -
(כלל ישראל)  yet there will be ומקללך, haters of
אברהם אבינו who would  curse and
try harming his children.

*His father died before he was born

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