Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Daf Yomi- Drunk Rosh Yeshivah




There  once was a Rosh Yeshiva 
who said on Purim that  they can ask him 
any question in ש"ס and he will have an answer.

They asked him from the גמרא נדרים דף ח  a+b
"If someone dreamt that he was put in חרם and
they were also מתיר his חרם , he must be מתיר
his חרם  again after awakening. 

Because we must assume part of the dream might be true and part not to be true, We assume the true part of the dream was being put in חרם and the untrue part of the dream was they were מתיר him".

They asked from the Rosh Yeshiva,
"why don't we assume the opposite, that the untrue 
part was being put in חרם and the true part
was them being מתיר the חרם, and he wouldn't 
need another היתר after awakening?

The R.Yeshiva answered that according to
the ראשונים who hold חרם  is דאורייתא and even if it is
only דברי קבלה, when there is a   ספק we need to go
לחומרא and assume he was put in חרם and didn't
have a התרה

The Steipler said, " from the answer he gave,  you
can tell the Rosh Yeshivah was drunk."

How so?

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  1. geshmak as all the items you post.
    matir the cherem cannot be true while the cherem is untrue bec then there is no cherem to be matir


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