Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The First Test



The סדר הדורות based on a Midrash writes: (year 1948)
The night אברהם אבינו was born, Nimrod's elders
& magicians came to celebrate in Terach's house.
As they left the house they looked up at the sky and
saw one large star swallowing up four other stars.
The magicians told this to the king (Nimrod) and
recommended that the child should be killed.
The king went to Terach and asked him for his son.
After a long discussion, Terach asked the king to hold
off for three days. After three days, Terach gave the
king a baby boy born to one of his slaves.
תרח took his son אברם and hid him for ten* years
underground so they would not suspect him of
what he actually did.
This is what the פייטן was referring to when
he wrote the סילוק 
(last long Piyut before Kedusha) second day
of Rosh Hashana Shachris)

"ונחבא בארץ י"ג שנים שלמים ולא ראה שמש וירח"

The מטה לוי on the מחזור has a wrong
פשט  claiming Avram was locked up for 13 years
because he destroyed his father's idols.

It is very clear from the  פיוט that the מטה לוי
had the wrong story for the first נסיון

a) The first נסיון is referring to בהולדו that
happened immediately after he was born.

b) The second נסיון was when he destroyed
the idols and thrown into the furnace.

*The Girsa in our Piyut is 13 years



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