Monday, August 22, 2022

The Red String _Parshas Eikev

 Parshas Hashavua עקב

וקשרתם אתם לאות על ידכם

According to some Kabbalists, by placing a red string around

your wrist you will be protected against עין הרע. You will also

be blessed with good health, children, and wealth. This

red string works best if it was placed around the מצבה of

קבר רחל.

This practice red string practice claimed by some as a

מנהג בישראל is mentioned  in the תוספתא (Shabbos 7: 1)

as one of the practices that are forbidden because of 

דרכי אמורי. (placing a red string on the finger).

The קיצור סמ"ג writes if there will come a time,[ ח"ו]

when putting on תפילין will be outlawed.  

One shall then tie a red string on his hand to remember

the תפילין.

This suggestion sounds strange and ridiculous.

One shouldn’t be surprised to find such statements in

 the קיצור סמ"ג.  Supposedly,  the Mechaber of this

ספר was a Goy, a priest, and an antisemite, 

named Sebastian Munster ימ"ש.



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