Monday, August 15, 2022

God is on my side


Parshas Hashavua עקב

 ממרים הייתם עם ה' דברים ט' : ז- כ"ד
You were rebellious WITH Hashem 

It should have said 'ממרים הייתם  נגד ה
You were rebellious AGAINST Hashem 

The Satmar Rebbe R Yoilish Teitelbaum Zt"l. answered,
that those who drag in Hashem in their rebellion by claiming
that it's done לשם שמים are worse than all other עוברי עבירה.

Destroying  tractors while screaming Givaald or beating up
Yidden who are no longer interested to belong to your
Chassidus and it is done לשם שמים are the worst type of 
עוברי עבירה according to the Satmar Rebbe.





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