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                       הלכה ולא למעשה


The Mekubal & Doctor, Harav Moshe Dovid Valla
(תלמיד of the רמח"ל)

writes that not shaving or trimming the beard during
אבילות, and ספירה is a Goyishe Minhag.

"Only by Goyim, since they all shave during the year,
so refraining from shaving shows אבילות.

For Yidden, since they have been growing beards during
the year, therefore, letting it grow during ספירה is not a
form of אבילות. Chazal didn't have beards in mind 
when they said not to cut the hair during that period.

However, since the masses don't shave their beards
during the  ספירה, we should condone it and come up
with the reason, it's done to be ממתיק הדינים (sweeten
& lighten the harsh judgments) of the long hair*."

The שו"ת חתם סופר יו"ד שמ"ח  too, writes the Poskim's
intention was only for the hair of the head and not
the beard.

* Kabbalistic


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