Thursday, March 10, 2022

Riddle for Purim


What was Haman Ben Hamdasa's father's name?
The ירושלמי יבמות פ"ב ה"ו says, בן המדתא does not mean the son of המדתא

It means Haman the evil person, a descendant of Hamdasa the evil person, who lived about 13 generationsbefore Haman.

Now you will have a better understanding in the פיוט לפרשת זכר from the Kalir where he writes אץ קוצץ בן קוצץ 
עמלק was not the son of עשיו but an evil 
descendant like
his evil great grandfather עשיו.

Between the various נוסחיות in מס' סופרים פי"ג & the
תרגום שני we have 4 possible names for Haman's 
father כוזא - ביזא- סרח- סדא

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