Monday, March 14, 2022

According to Mori V'Rabi



משלוח מנות           

*פסקי מורי ורבי הרב הגאון ר' שלמה מילר שליט"א

1) You are not יוצא with seltzer but you are יוצא with flavored soda.

2) There is no need to have two different ברכות to be considered  2 מינים

3) Two pieces of chicken one roasted and the other boiled etc. are considered 2 מינים

4) Two pieces of chicken, one the top and the other the bottom is considered 1 מין

5) Mixed vegetable salad is considered as 1 מין

6) Cut up vegetables to be mixed into a salad are considered 2 מינים

7) Sandwich (Hamburger lettuce & tomato etc.) is considered 1 מין.

8)  Coffee & tea you can be מיקל to send (all it needs pouring hot water)

9) Not having in mind to be (יוצא משלוח מנות (מתעסק you are still  יוצא

10)   משלוח מנות sent and the recipient wasn't aware until after Purim you are  יוצא

11) You may send to a non-Frum Yid who won't make a ברכה on the food.

12) A חתן may be מיקל to send משלוח מנות   to his כלה 

13) You should try to send at least one משלוח מנות to be חשובע food & the size of 3 eggs.

14) If  a שליח delivers before Purim since the recipient is not allowed eat it until Purim you are יוצא

15) If all משלוח מנות received were placed in one basket,(now שיעור חלה) it is not necessary to take Challah.

16) A שיעור חלה dough with the intention to send smaller cakes, Challas, etc. to different individuals, you still do make a ברכה. 

17) Apple sauce etc., since it requires a dish, the sender may טובל the dish with a ברכה..

18) Candies etc. since it doesn't require a dish, the sender may טובל but without ברכה.

*לקטתי מספר שושנת ישראל (הרה"ג ר' מרדכי יהודה הלוי קנר שליט"א)



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