Monday, February 28, 2022

Amazon Lightning Deal! Get Diaotec 22 Inch Outdoor Wood Burning Firepit BBQ Grill from

 Amazon Lightning Deal! Get Diaotec 22 Inch Outdoor Wood Burning Firepit BBQ Grill from 

Price is dropped to $35.99 now with an extra coupon of $10 

PRICE IS JUST $25.99!!!!


  • The 22In fire pit for backyard has a capacious bowel to keep plenty of wood burning and let more heat flow come to you. The overall size: 22 x 18inch (Dia. x H)
  • This round metal fire pit is composed of a base, a bowl, a grill, and a mesh lid. The wood can be put on the grill for better burning. The mesh lid with a ring can prevent embers and debris from flying.
  • This fire pit is suitable for multiple purposes, such as campfires, bonfires, or BBQ on the patio, by the side of the pool, backyard, or taking it with you to travel around.
  • Sports a compact size that is perfect for traditional campfires or bonfires on your patio, poolside, or your next outing!
  • Enjoy this pit with wood or charcoal as the raised grill promotes airflow and a stable flame, perfect for warming your guests or toasting marshmallows with your children.

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