Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Ten Purim Facts

1)Although there are 5 Megilos, Chazal
(Bavli & Yerushalmi) refer to, only 
Megillas Esther as a Megillah.
They never refer to the other 4 as a Megillah.

2)There is a Machlokes if banging at Haman,
is for children only (Maharil)
or for adults as well (Chacham Tzvi)

3)Minhag Lita is to bang only where Haman and
his father are mentioned.(Haman ben Hamdasa)

4)According to Kabbalah you should bang, only
with your feet.

5)According to the Targum Sheini, The 50 Amos
pole,they hung Haman on,  came from Noach's Teivah.

6)The name of the horse Mordechai rode on,
was שפרגז  "spare gas" (Targum Sheini)

7)The Mateh Moishe writes the reason Chazal
said Chayav -L'Besuma because drunk
people are loose with their money and will
give more to the poor

8)According to the Tur  a Chosson should not
attend Shul for Megillah. He should have ten
people come to the house to Lein Megillah. 

9)The Seder Hadoros writes, When R. Yehudah
Halevi wrote the Piyut "Adon Chasdecha" **
the Ibn Ezra added a Stanza at the letter Reish.
R.Y.Halevi was so impressed, he gave
him his daughter for marriage.
Hence two stanzas for the letter Reish.

10)The Shu"t Dvar Shmuel (193) criticizes strongly
the printers of Meseches Purim***. He claims
it is Chilul Hatorah to imitate the Gemoro and
turn it into a song and comedy. 

**Sefardim say it on Parshas Zachor

*** written 700 years ago and printed

 in the year 1513


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  2. Thanks for the interesting information.

    Some of the points do not have sources posted.

    Can you post the sources for them too?

    Like what is your source for #3 for example?



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