Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Did you know? (169)

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       Did you know? (169)

Because Yankee's Bar Mitzvah is on מוצש"ק חנוכה
day, he should not follow his father's Minhag.


Harav Hagaon R. Y.S. Elyashiv zt"l holds,

A boy who becomes בר מצוה on 
מוצש"ק חנוכה should do the first
הדלקת נר חנוכה as a גדול on מוצש"ק before 
הבדלה even if his father's Minhag is to 
do הבדלה before הדלקת נר חנוכה

Being he was a קטן on Shabbos he
has no חיוב הבדלה. His only חיוב 
(as a גדול) is נר חנוכה

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