Monday, November 8, 2021

The Four Minhagim


Parshas Hashavua ויצא

There are 4 different Minhagim when to start pronouncing
ישכר instead of יששכר.

1) The first time the name appears. (פ' ויצא).
2) From the second time & on (פ' ויגש)
3) From Parshas פנחס & on
4) From Parshas שמות & on

Some, who claim, that the Minhagim 1-2-3 are based
on reasons 1-2-3

1) According to Dikduk ישכר is the proper pronunciation
therefore we always pronounce it correctly (even the first time)

2) The first time we pronounce the original name as it was given.
From then on we cover up the 2nd reason.

3)  The changeover from יוב to ישוב is in פ' פנחס therefore
we do the same with the changeover from יששכר to ישכר.

4) I don't know. Perhaps the עולם has a Pshat

Reasons 1-2-3 to pronounce it ישכר.

1) In דקדוק there are times when two same letters next
     to each other to pronounce only the first letter.
    . מחצצרים דהי"א ט"ו:כ"ד is pronounced מחצרים 
2) The two ש's in יששכר symbolizes 2 times שכר
a) The שכר of giving זלפה to יעקב
b) The שכר of Leah giving away the דודאים so
she can spend an extra night with יעקב.
Being the second שכר is a לשון גנאי
(not appropriate to publicize)
therefore we drop the second ש.

3) The second ש was given to יוב his son who in Parshas
פנחס is called ישוב (see רש"י במדבר כ"ו:כ"ד)
מפרשים write It was discovered later on of an עבודה זרה
named יוב so they removed one ש from יששכר and added
it to יוב and it became ישוב.





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