Friday, October 15, 2021

Where is קבר רחל?

                        Where is קבר רחל?  

  (הוא מצבת קברת רחל עד היום (בראשית לה:כ                                         

Is Kever Rochel in Bais Lechem,
south of Yerushalayim or in
Ramat Shlomo (north Yerushalayim)?

According to the some Rishonim, 
(רלב"ג, חזקוני, *רמב"ן פרשת ויחי)
Kever Rochel is not in Bais Lechem (south 
of Yerushalayim) but in רמה (north of Yerushalayim
- Ramat Shlomo-Shuafat area)

According to these ראשונים, three difficulties are solved.

1) In 'שמואל
א': י':ב it says "קברת רחל בגבול בנימן" -  Seems
the Kever is in Binyamin, 
Bais Lechem is in Yehuda,
not Binyamin**.

2) Rashi in Parshas ויחי quotes the פסיקתא רבתי, " Yakov
toldYosef he buried Rochel on the road ע"פ הדיבור so she
will help her children when נבוזארדן will forcefully take
them from Yerushalayim to Bavel.
When they will pass by Kever Rochel, she will come out
from her Kever and cry -  'רחל מבכה על בניה וכו--

If Kever Rochel is in Bais Lechem (south of Yerushalayim)
they would not be passing her Kever on the way to Bavel
which is north of Yerushalayim?

3) In ( ספרי (פרשת וזאת הברכה, פסקא שנ"ב it says
, ר' מאיר אומר בחלקו של בנה מתה Rochel died in her
sons חלק (Binyamin & not Yehudah)

The חזקוני explains it is a כבוד to be buried in her children's
חלק (family plot).    

* The Ramban changed his mind in פרשת וישלח
** See Rashi 'שמואל א': י':ב

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