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It's no joke




Parshas Hashavua
(הוא נתנה לי מן העץ (בראשית ג : י"ג

The בעל הטורים writes that אדם said to Hashem
"שהיכיתני בעץ עד ששמעתי לדבריה" 

"חוה beat me with a stick and forced me
to listen to her".
 (first day of marriage)


Someone wrote in one of the Torah journals
(הדרום ניסן תשכ"ה) that this must be a joke. Some
prankster must have added it to the בעל הטורים.

He claims it is a Mitzvah to erase this quote
from the בעל הטורים.

The truth is this quote was not added by a
prankster. The original כתבי יד (manuscripts)
still exists and it says so clearly.

Also the Chofetz Chaim in שם עולם writes
the exact quote in the name of the Midrash.

יבמות ס"ג ע"א explains the word לא זכה מנגדתו
"מלקות" In other words  the "לא זכה" ends up with
a wife who beats him up.




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  1. Where does the word עשתי עשר come from. Why does עשתי mean "One"


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