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Hopefully you will agree with me. DAF YOMI beitza 38


              ביצה ל"ח

The גמרא says that when ר' אבא went to 

 Eretz Yisroel, he davened :

 “יהא רעוא דאימא מילתא דתתקבל “

The גמרא continues and says: 

ר' אבא tried to answer a question asked by

the חכמים but they repeatedly laughed at 


ר' אושעיא defended the חכמים laughing at ר' אבא.

The חתם סופר (O.Ch. 208) writes that the חז"ל 
who were laughing at ר' אבא were trying to teach us
 that it is wrong to daven that your words should be
accepted by others. If you believe something to be
true, then it doesn’t matter if others agree with you
or not. It is not important for you to convince others
to change their minds to agree with you.

It is very puzzling, because the חתם סופר himself
in Teshuva# 60 O.Ch. starts his answer to a שאלה 
with the exact same תפילה:
ויהא רעוא דאימא מלתא דתתקבל     

Perhaps, we can explain this contradiction of Der
Heiligeh Zaidah.

Teshuva #60 deals with a situation after the War
n 1809, when the city of Pressburg lay in ruins.
Hundreds of homes were destroyed and damaged 
by the shells fired across the Danube by Napoleon's
Army. Close to two hundred houses were totally
burned down to the ground. Many other homes
were damaged and were inhabitable.

Winter was approaching, and homes were desperately 
needed. The שאלה was if it was permissible to allow
Goyim to build and repair the houses on Shabbos.

The חתם סופר was desperate to be מתיר and found 
a היתר that he wasn't altogether comfortable with. He 
writes that he wouldn’t rely on his היתר unless other
Rabbanim would agree with him.

The תפילה of ויהא רעוא דאימא מלתא דתתקבל  that the 
חתם סופר davened for, wasn't that his opponents 
should change their minds and agree with him.
Such a  תפילה would be wrong.

The חתם סופר davened that the other Rabbanim 
would also agree with his היתר so that the homeless
Yidden shouldn’t have to suffer any longer.




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