Friday, May 21, 2021

All 5 things to happen


    Sotah 40 a
 דאין הכהנים רשאין לעלות בסנדליהן לדוכן

The reason כהנים must remove their shoes for Duchening is,  
1) there might be a כהן with torn shoe strap
2) who will be embarrassed (to Duchen with torn shoes)  
3) he will fix the strap  
4) he will miss  the Duchening (busy fixing)
5) and people say he is a בן גרושה. (Pasul Kohen)

Chazal were very concerned we should not embarrass
another Yid They prevented this unlikely sequent
of events ( all 5 things have to happen)
by having  all כהנים  go shoeless to Duchen
even though it's highly unlikely for all this to ever happen.

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