Tuesday, May 9, 2023

The מקור (origin) of Chai Rotel

 Three Lag Baomer stories from ספר טל ירושלים

1) A mother who was upset and complained to R. Shimon that she came specially to his Simcha with her child and he died. She took the dead child and threw him on top of Rashbi's Kever. The child had תחיית המתים and became alive again.

2) Originally there was dancing for both men & women (separately) on Lag Baomer.

למדן came along and made the women stop dancing. They were upset with him for doing so.
This למדן fell asleep and Rashbi came to him in a dream. He told him "because you disturbed my Simcha by holding back the women from dancing therefore at your  Simcha the same will happen to you." 
Shortly afterward, he married off his son who died at his own wedding.

Seems רשב"י is in need of women to dance on top of his grave.

                     THE ORIGIN OF CHAI ROTEL

3) Two Yidden (in Meron) were serving lots of משקה (booze)
They said the reason for doing so is because. 
they were both childless for 14 & 10 years. One of them
made a נדר in Meron on Lag Baomer that he will distribute
18 Rotel liquor so that Hashem should grant him a בן זכר
that year." The people around him all answered אמן.

The Ribono Shel Olam granted him his wish and he had
a בן זכר that same year.
3 years later* he came back to Meron to cut the hair of the
child and pay up his promise.

Those who believe the first two stories should have no
trouble with the third story. (Chai Rotel)

This is the original first מקור of the Chai Rotel Segulah.

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