Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Swimming during Sefirah





There were those who claimed that one should not 
go swimming during the Sefira for the same reason
some are מחמיר during the three weeks, so as not
to put oneself in danger during the mourning period.

The Steipler zt"l  argued and held there is no such
חומרא and one may go swimming during the Sefira.

They argued with the Steipler by telling him of a
tragedy that happened when some frum people 
drowned ר"ל while swimming during the Sefirah.

The Steipler answered, "They didn't drown because
they swam during the Sefirah. They drowned because
they went swimming in dangerous waters where
there are no lifeguards and it is forbidden to swim there. 
Swimming in such areas is forbidden all year round."


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