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The Chasam Sofer writes (Parshas Emor –Hesped)

about an argument with R. 
Efraim Zalmen Margulios:

 “We don’t find anywhere (in Chazal) to make a Yom Tov  
 on the Yahrzeit of a Tzaddik. 

On the contrary, we find in Chazal, to fast on the day a parent* or a Rebbe dies.” 

 The Chasam Sofer explains, when the Zohar, calls it Yoma d’Hilulla, it is referring to Shomayim.  Only in heaven are they happy when a Tzadik arrives there. In this world it is a sad day and fasting is in order.

The Sdei Chemed writes, he heard, the Toras Chesed (R. Shnier Zalmen. Lublin- Liadi) said  the Chasam Sofer  missed a Befeirishe Rashi (Yevamos 122a D.H. Teloso Rigla)

Rashi explains “Rigla Deamorei” in Teshuvas Hageonim, he found, that on the day an Odom Gadol dies, they institute that day for Talmidei Chachamim to gather and establish a Yeshiva at his grave.

We see from here that it is called a Regel (Yom Tov)

The Sdei Chemed writes, “he can’t believe the Peh Kadosh (Toras Chesed) would have made such a statement on the Chasam Sofer.

Where do we find Rashi, disagreeing with the Chasam Sofers argument, against partying and turning the day of Misas Tzadikim into a Simcha & Yom Tov.”

*It is interesting, the Chasam Sofers Rebetzin wrote in her

Tzavo’oh, not to fast on her Yahrzeit. (Bitul Torah)

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