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       דף יומי פסחים קי"ז ע"ב


                       ביומא טבא- מקדש ישראל והזמנים

 R. Baruch Epstein Zt"l (תורה תמימה) writes that he
thinks the word והזמנים is not part of the Bracha 
but Chazal meant for us to fill in the blanks, the name
of the specific Yom Tov we are celebrating.
eg:  מקדש ישראל וחג המצות - וחג הסוכות etc.
the same way we do on Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur.
(מקדש ישראל ויום הזכרון - ויום הכיפורים)

Harav Y.B. Soloveitchik Zt"l (Boston) argues vehemently
and claims, R.Hashana & Y.Kippur, since they have
their own independent קדושה, therefore, they have their
individual חתימה. Whereas the שלש רגלים all three of them
emanate from one single קדושה, therefore, the חתימה
of והזמנים is in order.

The משנה ברורה in ביאור הלכה קל"ז:ג holds if
the בעל קריאה skipped the פסוק of that specific
Yom Tov (On Sukkos he didn't mention the
Pasuk of Sukkos) he must repeat the קריאה again.

The מ"ב seems to say If the בעל קריאה skipped the פסוק
of a different Yom Tov (On Sukkos he didn't mention
Shavuos) then there is no need to repeat the קריאה.

Harav Y.B. Soloveitchik argues on the משנה ברורה
and holds since all the three רגלים emanate from one
single קדושה, therefore, regardless of which one of the
three רגלים was omitted, he needs to repeat the קריאה.



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