Friday, March 19, 2021

Muktzah & Not Muktzah (next Shabbos)


DID YOU KNOW? (229-230)

1) According to the (פרי מגדים (א"א תמ"ד:א
Shabbos Erev Pesach (next week) the
Matzohs Mitzvah are Muktzah.

2) According to Rav Y.S. Elyashiv Zt"l, 
Pesach dishes are Muktzah* during the entire year.
(Shabbosos & Yomim Tovim)

The only time Pesach dishes are  not Muktzah 
are the 8 days of Pesach or 9 days 
if Erev Pesach falls on Shabbos.

  *חסרון כיס


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  1. The Chazon Ish used m-Matzos Mitzva for his Lechem Mishna this Shabbos. And we will all be using it for our Eiruvei Chatzeiros this Shabbos - (agav ketanim like on Yom Kippur) Doesn't sound like we accepted this Pri Megadim. If you do, then no eiruv this week I guess...


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