Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Covid 19 Deaths

 The Gemoro ב"ק ס' ע"ב gives several recommendations* 

regarding what to do in order to be saved during a plague.

R A. Eiger in the גליון points to a שו"ת **הרשב"ש 

The שואל asks: What use is it to follow the recommendations
if it has already been determined on Rosh Hashana who is 
destined to live or die?

If he was destined to die, he will die even having followed
the recommendations. 
And if he was destined to live, what good will following the 
recommendations do.

The רשב"ש answers: Every person is born with a predetermined
amount of years that he will live. However, this amount can
be lengthened by performing certain Mitzvohs or ח"ו shortened
by doing certain עבירות.

Only those who deserve to have their life extended or those
who ח"ו deserve to have their life shortened are judged on
Rosh Hashana. (מי יחיה ומי ימות)

Once the judgement is sealed, no סגולות etc. will change
the situation. (חק חיובי)

Those who are not entitled to have their lives extended and
are also not deserving to have their lives shortened are not
judged on Rosh Hashana (on life & death).

However, during plagues, war etc. these people can
have their lives shortened if they don't protect themselves.
(חק אפשרי)

* Staying indoors- locking doors - blocking the windows - escaping to another city- 
not to walk in the middle of the street- not entering alone to a Shul that has no
Minyan Daveners or children learning there.( No mention of placing signs on door)

שלמה בן שמעון דוראן (הרשב"ש; 1400 בערך - 1467), היה בנו של רשב"ץ, רב ופוסק באלג'יר**

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