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Some Poskim have difficulty understanding why our Minhag is to make a שהכל on chocolates when Halachically it should have been a פרי העץ

Harav Y.S. Elyashiv zt”l & Harav S.Z. Auerbach zt”l both hold that the appropriate Bracha for chocolate should have been פרי העץ   
but since the velt (the common practice) makes a שהכל we follow Minhag Haolam and make a שהכל.

They both hold* if a פרי העץ was made on fruits and chocolates were at the table, then you shouldn't make a שהכל on the chocolates, being you were Yotzei with the פרי העץ.

The ספר מקור הברכה (My uncle, Dayan Rav Gavriel Krausz Shlita)
claims, The minhag of the velt is a mistake, It came about from
the שערי תשובה ר”ב ס”ק י”ט who writes to make a שהכל 
on שעקלדי (chocolate)

R.G. Krausz claims the שערי תשובה  was referring to a chocolate drink
and the velt mistakenly assumed he meant chocolates (solid)

R.G.Krausz holds, לכתחילה to make a פרי העץ on chocolates.

 * Igros Moshe 3:31  argues

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