Monday, November 9, 2020

The נשמה should have an Aliyah.


די נשמה זאל האבן אן עלייה

A common practice amongst most Yidden,when someone
has Yahrzeit others bless and say to him " The נשמה 
should have an Aliyah."

This blessing was unheard of by Ashkenazi Yidden.
(Yekes Oberlanders & Litvaks) Also our Sephardic
brethren have never used or heard of this blessing. 

In the תפילות of יזכור, אל מלא רחמים & אחר למוד משניות
we don't Daven for the נשמה to have an עליה. All we ask for is
for the נשמה to be placed in גן עדן בסתר כנפיו and to be bound with
the נשמות אבות אמהות ושאר צדיקים.

I believe, 
(I stand to be corrected) The concept of עליית נשמה having
the נשמה  moving to higher levels in גן עדן is not to 
be found in בבלי, ירושלמי, and probably not even in זהר.

We do find in Chazal different levels in Gan Eden
(מחיצת נהרג עקדה"ש - מקום שבעלי תשובה עומדים) but, as far
as I know, we don't find in Chazal the נשמה moving
from one level to a higher level.

The first to mention this concept of עליית נשמה is probably
the Arizal. Chasidim who follow the Arizal are the ones who
introduced it  to the rest of כלל ישראל

Hence, today almost all Yidden wish to the בעל היארצייט

"די נשמה זאל האבן אן עלייה" 

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