Wednesday, November 4, 2020

It actually happened


 Parshas Hashavua

The רמב"ן quotes the רמב"ם in מורה הנבוכים who holds
that the story of אברהם & the 3 מלאכים didn't actually happen
but was only a vision אברהם had. אברהם dreamt all the
details of the story but none of it actually happened.  

The רמב"ן partially agrees with the רמב"ם and holds that
whenever we find humans communicating with a מלאך there
is no physical מלאך standing in front of the human and talking
to him but the communication takes place in a vision. 

The רמב"ן however fiercely objects the רמב"ם's Pshat in our Parsha
and the other places where the רמב"ם claims it never occurred.
The רמב"ן writes,
"ואלה דברים סותרים הכתוב, אסור לשומעם, אף כי להאמין בהם".

The רמב"ן holds that when the תורה describes the מלאך as
an איש- אנשים etc. and there is a story that goes along with it
then we must accept and believe all the details that it actually
did happen.

The ריטב"א  agrees with רמב"ן but defends the רמב"ם against
the harsh words of the רמב"ן uses against the רמב"ם. Also
the אברבנל seems to side with the רמב"ם. He answers all the
קושיות the רמב"ן has on the רמב"ם.



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