Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Don't worry be happy

The Brisker Rav zt"l explained with
the following משל, the
different periods of the ימים נוראים
starting with, אלול, ר"ה, עשי"ת
and finally, יום כיפור & at נעילה. 

There once was a wealthy merchant
trying to smuggle across the border a
large quantity of merchandise.
He hired a professional smuggler who
knew the route and best time when
to cross the border and not to get caught.
The plan was to load the wagon with
the merchandise weeks before. The
wagon driver will hang around in the
forest near the border and wait for the
professional smuggler to give him the
signal when to cross the border. He
would then rush his galloping horses
and cross the border.

The merchant starts worrying and
can't sleep at night as soon as they
load the wagon with his merchandise. 

The smuggler worries and can't sleep
at night on the day, he gives the signal
to cross.

The wagon driver worries when he gets
within a hundred feet from the border.
The young boy who does the loading
and unloading is only worried after
the guards approach him with the guns
pointing at his face.

After getting caught all start worrying
big time. 

The only exception is the horses.
They have no worries and are even
happy that they can now have a long
די פערד זארגן זיך נישט, זיי פרייען זיך
Horses,are not worried they are happy
The Brisker Rav said, the least we can 
do is to worry on Yom Kippur during 
נעילה and do then תשובה if not before
otherwise, we are compared to the horses.

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