Friday, July 17, 2020

Most controversial Teshuvas Chasam Sofer


 Shabbos 133a

מוהלין ופורעין ומוצצין

 Of the 1246 printed תשובות חתם סופר there is one תשובה that stands out as being the most controversial one the חתם סופר ever wrote.

This תשובה was kept out of the original printed תשובות חתם סופר and wasn't printed (in Teshuvas Ch.S.) only until recently. (Biton edition) 

The Ch.S. writes that מציצה בפה is not mentioned in Halacha but is
only done according to קבלה. He then adds to it אין לי עסק בנסתרות
ie: I don't get involved in קבלה and not too concerned about it.

He continues and writes that even if the Mishna would have 
written to do
 מציצה בפה we wouldn't have had to do it today since it
isn't part of the Mitzvah but done only for medical reason, if it can 
be performed in a different manner (no mouth) it would be OK 
to do so.

Some Gedolim claimed this Teshuva to be a fraud that was made up 
by the opponents of מציצה בפה.
This was proven to be incorrect.The original Teshuva exists today
and is in possession of family members of R Yisroel Stern's a"h (London}

The מהר"ם שיק and others claim that this Teshuvah was a הוראת שעה
(extenuating circumstance) and may not  be used today as a היתר not
to do מציצה בפה.

Even though the Ch. S. doesn't mention it to be a הוראת שעה and from the לשון of the Teshuvah it doesn't seem to be a הוראת שעה we must accept the assumption of the מהר"ם שיק of הוראת שעה and we can't use this Teshuvah as a היתר from the חתם סופר not to do מציצה בפה





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