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July 20,1916 The Story That Never Happened

 July 20,1916

An amazing story printed in a Sefer, close to hundred
years ago. Years later this story was reprinted in other Seforim
The story also appeared in Mishpacha Magazine and other publications. I even heard a Godol repeating the story.

The Mechaber in his Sefer writes," he read this story in
a London Newspaper dated the 19th of Tammuz 5676
 (July 20 1916).

The UK newspaper quotes from the Hungarian newspaper called
Pesti Hirlap” the following story.

"A Hungarian soldier sitting in the trenches wrote to his wife to
find out from Chaim their Jewish neighbour about the Jewish
prayer of “Shema Yisroel”.

The Hungarian soldier claimed to have noticed that whenever
the enemy fires at them, the Gentile soldiers get killed, yet the
Jewish soldiers say the prayer of Shema Yisroel, all are saved
and none get killed. He  would like to know how he too can
be saved with this prayer.”

As a skeptic, I would not have believed this story however this
time I did believe it to be true since the Mechaber gives an exact
date and the name of the original newspaper the story appeared in.
(open for inspection)

He also wrote that he was quoting word for word the exact
text of the newspaper.
Believing the story to be true, I was hoping to find a copy
of this article, publicize it and be Mekadesh Sheim Shomayim.

 The Times of London (1916) and the Pesti Hirlap are both
available online. My nephew R.Ari  searched both
(Keywords in both  English & Hungarian were entered)
not a single match or a slightly similar match came up).

Not The Times nor The Pesti Hirlap have this story
or anything similar to it.

The Mechaber might have seen this story in another
London newspaper quoting  The Pesti Hirlap.

This story never appeared in The Pesti Hirlap and very
likely never ever happened.

The Chasam Sofer in the Teshuvos* writes with frustration
“We have a תורת אמת there is no need for שקר  to verify it"

*Chelek 6 :59



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