Tuesday, May 5, 2020

What’s Pshat?

Shabbos 63a

                  What’s Pshat?

R. Kahane said, “ When I was eighteen years I completed
the  whole Shas and I didn’t know that the פסוק doesn’t
leave the Pshat (אין המקרא יוצא מידי פשוטו) until now.

It. is very difficult to understand how an eighteen year
Yeshiva Bachur who completed  all of Shas isn’t aware
that the פסוקים are meant to be understood as פשוט פשט.

The Chasam Sofer 
(תורת משה פ' בשלח ד"ה קצת מדרוש) writes that the
original מסורה was to teach first the children only דרוש and
not פשט.
Even though this system doesn’t seem right, but this was the מסורה of previous generations.

Perhaps we can explain the reasoning of the מסורה.

When we go through חומש בראשית we find multiple times
where ח"ו the צדיק outsmarts and cheats with half-truths etc.

A few examples, יצחק & אברהם both tell their wives to say
they are brothers and sisters.  שרה said ואדני זקן and the
Torah changes it to ואני זקנתי  Yakov telling his father
“אנכי עשיו בכורך” etc.

This might be the reason why they had a מסורה to start
with teaching the children the דרוש first. They need to be
taught both מדרש הלכה & מדרש אגדה If we don’t
teach the children immediately the דרוש then חומש בראשית
might have a negative effect on them, believing that cheating
etc. is always acceptable.

It is important to teach children that for פיקוח נפש you may
and must lie.
You have to teach them that מותר לשנות מפני השלום. For the
sake of peace, you may change the story, etc.

Perhaps this was the logic & intention of the מסורה



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