Thursday, May 21, 2020

The German Antisemites

The שו"ת דברי מנחם  (R. Mendel Steinhart z"l )
writes, "Germany is a civilized country and
friendly towards the Yidden, therefore there
is no reason to say (Mondays & Thursdays)
"כי היינו לעג וקלס בגויים" and should be removed from the Siddur since it is not true and this might even create antisemitism".

A few years later they also removed the תפילה
of אב הרחמים from the 1831 edition, of the
Heidenheim Siddur. 

In its place, they printed  in German " The tefillah
was made for the times of the Barbarians 
therefore we removed it."

The next edition of the Siddur, Heidenheim put it back in. It is very likely they did so  because
the Reform Siddur was published at that time and they too removed the אב הרחמים. 


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