Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Covid-19-Why did they die?

Shabbos 55 a&b

(אמר ר' אמי אין מיתה בלא חטא ואין יסורין בלא עון (ע"א
(ותיובתא דר' אמי תיובתא (ע"ב

Perhaps, according to ר' אמי, we would have to investigate why even these צדיקים וגדולים died, so we should refrain from doing the same sins they did.

Since the מסקנת הגמרא argues on ר' אמי and holds that Man can die without having any sins, we have to assume on each and everyone who dies that he died without sin and we have no right to ask why did he die.

After the 1929 massacre of the Chevron Yeshiva R.A.Y. Kook Zt"l said that perhaps it happened because the Bachurim didn't dress and look like Yeshiva Bachurim should look like. They were clean-shaven, fancy hairstyles, light color short jackets, and modern hats.

The Mirrer Mashgiach R Yeruchem Levovitz Zt"l angrily protested against finding faults of others and claimed this to be עצת היצר and waste of the cause. Doing so won't cause anyone to do Teshuva.
We need to look only at our own faults and this way we can do Teshuva.

המשגיח הנערץ של ישיבת 'מיר' הגאון רֶבּ' ירוחם ליבוביץ סבר שמנהג זה של לתלות את הסיבה של האסון בעוון כזה או אחר של הזולת, היא עצת היצר הרע ופספוס המטרה, ולכן אין להאשים אחרים, כיון שאף אחד לא יחזור בתשובה.. אלא על כל אחד להאשים את עצמו וכך עם ישראל ישוב לאביו שבשמים!


  1. Please provide a source for the quote of Both Rav Kook and Rav Yeruchem ZTL.It would be very beneficial if you can write the Mekoros and Where in the Sefer you are quoting from.Thank you very much for your enlightening and information filled blog. Brocho Vhatzlocho!

  2. In the future can you please write all your mare mekomos. Thank you.


    1. בספר "לשלושה באלול", נכתב בידי בנו הרב צבי יהודה קוק; עדות זו, הביא גם תלמידו הרב יצחק אריאלי, "עיניים למשפט

      Many times I use material I wrote years ago without Mekoros & forgot by now where the Mokor is

    2. Thank you for the source! May you continue to inspire in the best of health!


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