Thursday, March 12, 2020

דעת תורה re Epidemic

part #1

The cholera epidemic of 1830- דעת תורה

"Regarding davening in Shul,
It is true that gathering in tight spaces is not good.
You should see to it not to have more than 15
people Davening at the same time.

In your Tefillos you should also pray for the king,
his family, his ministers and for the whole
(נכרים included)

You should request from the ministry and mention
in my name to supply police to enforce this ruling,
of making sure, no more than 15 people are in Shul."

This letter was not written by one of the
Maskilim or Tziyoinim etc.

It was written by none other but the holy
Zeidah Reb Akiva Eiger zt”l. His דעת תורה was
that one must listen to the authorities and
the doctor's advice.
RAE. knew of the פסוק in קהלת  where it says
שמר מצוה לא ידע דבר רע yet he held it wouldn't
Reb Akiva Eiger zt”l wrote this to his Talmid
R. Elya’ Gutmacher zt”l (Greiditz Rov) advising
him how to deal with the cholera epidemic.
Reb Akiva Eiger zt”l sent him the list of Tefilos to be said 
 and a long list of practical things  to do, 

The גדול הדור writes, that it is important to have
a clean house and to spray it with vinegar and 
rosewater. Also to change into clean underwear
at least a few times in the week.

Reb Akiva Eiger zt”l held it was very important not to have any
large gatherings of people even in Shul and
should be enforced by hiring the police.

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