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A Little Background on The Tu Bishvat Seder

                     הכל בסדר.

                              The Tu Bishvat Seder

Some Mekubalim and Chasidic Rebbes have a Tu B'Shvat Seder with
some similarities to the סדר של פסח

Some claim The origin of the Tu Bishvat Seder is from the אריז"ל
However, in the Kesovim ( כתבי אריז"ל  ) there is no mention of a
Seder on Tu Bishvat.

The first one to mention this Seder is the ספר חמדת הימים.

There is a whole chapter instructing how to perform the Seder.

"Various Perakim of Tanach and Zohar are to be said. Four
cups of different colored wines are drunk. Mezonos and 30 different
fruits are to be eaten.
Before each fruit you have כוונה of a different צירוף of the שם Havayah."

This chapter was reprinted In 1753, as a separate קונטרס called
"קונטרס פרי עץ  הדר" 

The ספר חמדת הימים* was printed without a Sha'ar Blatt.
The יעבץ claimed that the Mechaber of this Sefer was the
נביא שקר נתן העזתי, the right-hand man of שבתי צבי ימ"ש

There were Gedolim who disputed the יעבץ and claimed
the Sefer was written by an unknown holy man.

Many Rebbes have at their (פירות טיש (סדר pineapples,
bananas,melons etc. פרי האדמה.

The Mokor for this is from the חמדת הימים who writes
to have פרי האדמה  and have כוונה when eating them                                                                                                                                                                          " העץ הנחמד בן ישי חי על האדמה"
Some claim there are hidden messages in the Sefer.
גמטרי' 807 +7 =  814 -שבתי צבי                         

The same Gematria as Shabtai Zvi by adding 7 for the
7 words (כולל).
Also  בן ישי חי = 390 the same gematria as ש"צ

The publisher of the Amsterdam edition  who was aware
of the controversy, wrote poetically in the Hakdamah                                                     ואם תמצא בו פרי שאינו נחמד למראה,"
                                   "השלך הקליפה ואכול תוכו
 (If you find in it (Sefer) a fruit that doesn't look good
 throw away the peel and eat the inside)

*The Steipler Zt"l wouldn't touch or look into a Sefer who
quotes from the Chemdas Hayomim.

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