Monday, February 6, 2023


       was invented 400 years before Lakewood

R. Nosson Nota M'Hanover zt"l wrote a Sefer "יון מצולה"
At the end of the Sefer, he describes the Yeshiva world
at that time.

Bein Hazemanim started on Tu B'Shvat & Tu B'Av
The Rosh Yeshiva & the Bachurim travelled to
the winter & summer fairs.

The מהרש"א stops his Pirush in middle of a Mesechta.
(Ms. Shabbos & Ms. Sanhedrin)
He writes that he couldn't continue because he had to
travel to the fair.

Since all the Roshei Yeshivos and all their Talmidim were
at the fair it turned into a Shiduchim market. Any
parent who had a son or daughter of marriageable age made
sure to attend the fair. Hundreds & even thousands of
Shiduchim were arranged there.  


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