Wednesday, January 15, 2020



2) The בעל התניא was asked as a young child, "Which פסוק ends with the same 3 words that it begins with"?

His answer was "The פסוק that has no אמת in it." 

3) Rochel & Leah while fasting on 10th of Teves were both cooking soup for after the fast.

Rochel wasn't sure if she added salt to her soup. The Rav told her she may taste the soup if she won't swallow it

Leah wasn't sure if she added pepper to her soup. The Rav told her she may not taste the soup even if she won't swallow it.
( I have 2 reasons-there might be more)
* On the Daf Yomi of the week. I will try to be ahead 1-2-3 Blatt so it can be shared at your Shiur I will also try to make it a דבר השווה לכל נפש even non-participants of the Daf should be able to understand.


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