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                   THE BIG BANG


There is a מחלוקת between The רשב"א and
the מהרש"ל, if the שמש may announce
( ראש חדש (יעלה ויבא [or ותן טל ומטר-ברכה]
between Kaddish and Shemoneh Esrai.

The רשב"א allows and the מהרש"ל claims
it is a הפסק.

 5 שיטות

Some Poskim hold, The שמש should
announce between Kaddish and the
Shmoneh Esrai (1) “ ותן טל ומטר”.

Others minimize the הפסק by announcing
only (2) “  טל ומטר" (no V’sain)

Others reduce the הפסק to one word
(3) “שאלה “

There are others who hold like the
מהרש"ל and no announcement is
done before the Shmoneh Esrai.
They make the שמש announce it (4)
during his own Shmoneh Esrai, by
saying out loud ותן טל ומטר.

Others hold, it is not right *to announce
while the Tzibbur is in middle of their
Shmoneh Esrai. (5) They make the
שמש start his Shmoneh Esrai earlier
than the Tzibbur so when he reaches
to ותן טל ומטר theTzibbur will be
holding between the Kaddish and
Shmoneh Esrai. Then he announces
it aloud.

It is interesting, none of the  Poskim ever
considered it as an option, to do it the
way it’s done today, in most Shuls, to
just bang on the Bimah without any
announcement at all.


The Be’er Moishe (Debrecen) defends those who
say aloud “ V’sain Tal Umotor” etc. during their davening.
By doing so, they remind others.
The Chazon Ish on the other hand, wasn’t fond of it.

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