Friday, December 13, 2019

100 years old


Many Italian Chachamim ( Gedolim) shaved their
beards grew long hair and didn't wear Yarmulkas.
Today, this sounds very strange, but it wasn't then.

The ספר מלאכת מחשבת was written by הרב משה חפץ זצ"ל
Years later when it was printed, the publisher inserted
a picture of ר' משה חפץ. On the bottom of the picture,
it said "בן מאה שנה"

The publisher wrote that it's true that רמ"ח doesn't
look like a hundred-year-old man but he found this
picture and the wording and didn't want to change it.

In a later edition of the Sefer, the Publisher inserted
a new doctored picture of רמ"ח. A Yarmulka
was placed on his head and he was made to look older
by changing his hair colour.

Unknown to both publishers was that "בן מאה שנה"
was a play on words. It meant the Gematria
of מאה ie 46 years and not a hundred years. It was
sketched when he was 46 years old.

(R.M. Ch. died at age 47)


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