Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The Rambams White Hair

Parshas Hashavua חיי שרה
Bava Basra -16b - 141a

                                     SHIDDUCH CRISIS

וה' ברך את אברהם בכל, ר"מ אומר שלא היה לו בת

The Ksav Sofer (Parshas Chaya Sarah) writes, that in a letter
the Rambam wrote to his son, The Rambam blames his
daughter for his white hair. It came about from the worries,
he had, finding a Shidduch for her, with someone befitting
his family.

The Ramban writes, had Avraham have had a daughter he would
have had worries whom to give her away to.

The Ksav Sofer explains, even with all of Avraham's riches etc.
it was a blessing of not having a daughter so there won't be
any worries of marrying her off. 


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