Wednesday, October 30, 2019

upside down noon


Our Mesorah has nine times a נון הפוכה (upside down letter נ)
in תנ"ך. Twice in Bamidbar 10:35 (ויהי בנסוע) and seven
times in Tehillim.

The last Rashi in this week's Parsha writes that
 "- הנון הפוכה "
At the end of the Parsha we have an 
upside down נון

In our מסורה both The Aleppo & The Leningrad Codex,(before Rashi) there is no נון הפוכה at the end of  Parshas נח.

The בית יוסף יו"ד ס' ערה quotes from the רשב"א that our
Sifrei Torah are kosher even though we have no נון הפוכה.

The קסת הסופר writes that today if a Sefer Torah has a נון הפוכה
 at the end of Parshas Noach, we should not use it.


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