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  לכבוד יום השנה של החתם סופר זצוק"ל זי"ע כ"ה תשרי           

                PERMISSION IN A VISION

The Toras Moshe Chasam Sofer Al Hatorah was compiled by Harav R. Shimon Sofer zt”l son of the Ksav Sofer. He writes he used the notes of R Yehuda Frankfurter and the Maharam Shick zt”l*  and also added Toirehs from a Sefer in a Ksav Yad named שיר מעון that has no Mechabers name

Eventually, it was discovered the Mechaber of the Sefer שיר מעון is nonother but R. Shimon Sofer himself.

There are more than 200 Shtiklach Torah from the שיר מעון printed in the Chasam Sofer. Some of them are clearly marked at the end מספר שיר מעון most are marked simply מש"מ

Many who learn the Chasam Sofer Al Hatorah are not aware
that some entries of Divrei Torah are not from the Chasam Sofer but from his grandson.

An Einikel from R. Shimon Sofer, R. Moshe Yosef Paskesz,  reprinted the Chasam Sofer 21 times. In the 21st edition, R. M.Y.P. explains why his Zaidah published his own Torah together with the Chasam Sofer.

He says  “ His Zaidah (R.S. Sofer) wrote the Sefer שיר מעון and because of his Anivus didn’t publicize himself as the Mechaber.

He was struggling with himself if it is the right thing to do to combine his own Toireh together with the Chasam Sofers.

One day they noticed that he was fasting. When asked, he told them he had a vision of the Chasam Sofer revealing himself and gave him permission to combine his Toireh with the ChasamSofer’s Toireh.

Hence, there are many who quote these Toirehs in the name of the Chasam Sofer and have no clue that it is not Toiras Moishe (Chasam Sofer) but from his Einikel.

*both, Talmidei Chasam Sofer


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