Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Its Not A Joke !

Parshas Hashavua
(הוא נתנה לי מן העץ (בראשית ג : י"ג

The Ba'al Haturim writes that אדם said to Hashem "שהיכיתני בעץ עד ששמעתי לדבריה"

"חוה beat me with a stick and forced me to listen to her". (first day of marriage)


Someone wrote in one of the Torah journals
(הדרום ניסן תשכ"ה) that this must be a joke. Some prankster must have added it to the Bal Haturim. He claims it is a Mitzvah to erase this quote from the Ba'al Haturim.

The truth is this quote was not added by a prankster. The original כתבי יד (manuscripts) still exists and it says so clearly.

Also the Chofetz Chaim in שם עולם* quotes the exact quote in the name of the Midrash. 

'נפוצות ישראל ה*

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